• LRH series of biochemical incubator

    Used for bacterial culture Temperature control range 0-60 ℃ Working environment temperature + 5-30 ℃
  • Leica inverted microscope

    Used to observe cell morphology, growth state You can take photos
  • THZ - 300 thermostatic cultivation of shaking table

    Used in shaking culture microorganisms Temperature control range: + 5-50 ℃ The temperature resolution: 0.1 ℃ The oscillation frequency: 40-300 r/min
  • Cutometer MPA 580

    Can measure the skin Water respectively, the melanin, red pigment, elastic, grease, pH, etc
  • Optical 3D Skin Measuring Device

    Can be analyzed,Wrinkle depth, length, area, volume data VISIA Complexion Analysis
  • VISIA Complexion Analysis

    Can analyze facial pigmentation, uv spot, chloasma, erythema, wrinkles and pores, smoothness, porphyrin and other data
  • BioX AquaFlux transdermal filtration apparatus

    Can be accurately measured the degree of skin moisture loss and reaction layer barrier function